As a complementary service for our foreign clients, who wish or need to enter the Mexican territory for reasons other than tourism, our Firm engages in the corresponding procedures for them and their families to obtain the necessary migratory papers, as well as working and student visas, regularization of any immigration document, and authorizations for the import of house hold goods for immigrants, as the case may be.

In this area, the firm renders legal advice for obtaining visas for expatriates working in Mexico, including assistance in obtaining residency and Mexican citizenship, temporary importation of household effects, export permits covering such household effects at the end of the stay in the country, and obtaining visas for spouses and children to reside in Mexico. Further to the aforementioned services, BC AGUILAR, S.C. offers the following:

• Obtainment of authorization for non-Mexican citizens to work, study, invest, furnish technical advisory, conduct businesses or to live in Mexico under a family-dependent basis.

• Obtainment of authorization for permanent residence in Mexico. Advice on import-export of household and automotives effects.

• Obtaining authorization for non-Mexican citizens to attend Boards' or Shareholders' Meetings. Modification of migratory status, nationality, marital status, or domicile. Work permits.

• Challenging decisions on migratory matters before the administrative authorities and federal courts.