Our Firm’s Litigation Area is dedicated full time to represent our clients’ interests before local and federal Courtrooms, with jurisdiction in Mexicali and its environs. We also supervise other litigation cases attended to by other lawyers across the Mexican Republic.


Our experience has allowed us to participate in a wide variety of civil cases, including controversies derived from familiar rights, such as parent – child relationships (adoption, filiations, child recognition, guardianship); other legal familiar relationships (alimony, patrimonial rights); prenuptial and family covenants, divorces; succession trials; trials related to property, such as vindications, prescriptions, terrain settlements, among others; real estate leasing; controversies derived from contractual and extra – contractual responsibility, as well as the enforced execution or rescission of all kinds of agreements and covenants.


Our Firm is dedicated to all kinds of litigation cases arising from commercial practice, including judicial or extrajudicial retrieval of commercial papers and contracts; trials derived from non credit bonds, such as bank acceptances, commercial paper, financial IOUs, obligations, ordinary, real estate or housing certificates of participation, redeemable or not; trials regarding conflicts between shareholders; trials related to the execution or rescission of all kinds of commercial contracts or agreements; bankruptcy trials, among others. Our Form also participates in trials regarding financing, banking, stock marketing, factoring, financial leasing, insurance, securities, investment corporations, etc.


Our Firm litigates also before Federal Courts, attending to any commercial civil natured matters to which the Mexican Government is party. Moreover, we‘ve achieved a broad experience regarding the litigation of constitutional trials, as well as other constitutional defense procedures.