We provide counseling to our clients on the negotiation and instrumentation of real estate projects, regarding the acquisition or sale of a domestic real estate property, as well as the development of real estate mega projects, including the drafting of the whole documentation required to establish its legal support. Our firm can also provide our clients who are acquiring real property in Mexico with Title Searches that include a detailed review and rendering of a legal opinion regarding transmissions of domain that a certain property could have experienced for a term of twenty, thirty or more years.

We assist U.S. citizens and other foreign citizens in purchasing both private and corporate real estate anywhere in Mexico. Our firm has extensive experience in assisting both buyers and sellers in all types of real estate transactions in Mexico.

Purchasing real estate in Mexico as a foreign citizen can be a very complicated and arduous process without the assistance of a carefully selected legal representative. The extreme variances between real estate law in Mexico and in the U.S. are alone cause for confusion, but when you consider that all those laws and regulations are in a foreign language, you are really going to have your hands full if you try and go at it alone. When buying property in Mexico, it is very helpful to find an attorney in Mexico who is not only well versed and experienced in Mexican real estate law, but one fluent in your native language as well so he or she will be able to transfer that knowledge to you in an articulate, easily digested explanation. For these reasons among others, our firm staffs attorneys fluent in English, and to better serve our American clients.